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why Exind

Partnering with Exind is a wise decision as we comprehensively understand home furnishing fabrics. Our process ensures we deliver the highest quality products to your exact requirements. We have also inculcated a sense of sustainability in our trade from the materials and dyes used to the crafts-folk employed. Our continuous engagement with the weavers themselves, together with our vast experience in the industry has encouraged several clients to trust in our expertise.


  • Sustainability is ensured right from the selection stage of raw materials and organic yarn. Only the best vat dyes, often with a GAT environmental certification are sourced from the most trusted suppliers in the business. For our completely organic products, we use only herbal and ayurvedic dyes.
  • We also ensure our suppliers engage in eco-friendly waste management. Water waste is purified and re-used for agriculture. Extracted solid waste is carefully disposed of by appropriate means through the local government.

Weaver Welfare

  • For the past four decades, we have been fully committed to the welfare of traditional weavers and encourage proper working conditions and benefits for each of them. Through our efforts to develop both the weaver and the craft, we have built long-standing relationships with several of them.
  • With each of our partners, we personally verify the condition of weavers under their care. This makes our selection process quite stringent, ensuring we offer products that have been woven under the most ideal work conditions.
  • Most importantly, we do not deal with weavers and artisans who engage in and encourage child labour.

Quality Assurance

  • At Exind, we take great pride in the quality of our products. A specialist Quality Assurance team conducts a complete inspection to ensure the final products match international standards. Products are subjected a four-point inspection to detect flaws and stains, and after necessary corrections, a completely defect-free fabric is delivered to you.
  • Our production centers are located in Cannanore, Kerala, reputed for being the highest quality hand-made textile producers in the country. The local soft water conditions are ideal for colour fastness and reduce shrinkage to less than 3%.
  • We get down to finest details of our fabrics, such as the effect of weather changes on colour particularly in the case of international deliveries. Which is why, we take the utmost care while dyeing the materials. Once produced, the colour of the fabric is carefully inspected under yellow, halogen and white lights for correctness.

Customized Design and Production

  • At Exind, we have a wide variety of samples you can choose from or we could customize the design to your requirements. Our in-house Design team stays abreast of the latest trends in fabric design and regularly creates fashionable styles, patterns and combinations for our fabrics.
  • We can also customize our fabrics to meet your design requirements, from the thread color used to the thickness of the cloth, size of the fabric, and of course, patterns and designs.
  • Once you have placed your order, our Production Team interacts with the weavers and fabric suppliers, and ensures production is carried out in an organized and coordinated manner to meet the delivery schedule. We can cater to large orders as well.
  • Finished products are dispatched to our Chennai office. A complete quality inspection is followed to ensure that all the products are defect-free. Once the products are smartly packed to your requirements, the necessary documentation is submitted to the required government agencies for clearance. Finished products are delivered to the forwarding agents for shipping on time.
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